– “The SF-17 has a very impressive and aesthetically-appealing design that showcased practically in its edgy design to create hidden grooves that offered cable management, rubber padded edges designed for stability, and a hidden slots to adjust laptop height for maximum ergonomic and visual benefits to match any gaming setup.”
~ – “Great build quality and looks that will definitely appeal to those that like a rugged style make this cooler very unique.”
~ – “I think it is well worth the price. The CM Cooler Master SF-17 Gaming Notebook Cooler is aimed to the gaming population, but is a good accessory for just about anybody.”
~ – “While $60 is a bit pricey, when you consider the solid construction, the silence, the style, the modularity, and the investment of a “gaming” laptop, the SF-17 is just a drop in the bucket for the awesome usability it offers.”